Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Week 1 Arriving at the MTC

Elder Kuhnen being dropped of at the MTC

Hey, everyone!
 I hope you all are doing well. Let me tell you guys, I've been doing FANTASTIC! It's been a crazy week, first I need to publicly thank a few people. To Mom and Nancy, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SENDING ME DONUTS!!!! Everyone is telling me I'm so lucky because they know it's expensive to send Krispy Kreme to the MTC, and I'm so grateful to you guys for sending those. We have 10 people in 1 mailbox and I collect the mail twice a day because we get so much. The unsettling thing is that about 80% of the letter are to Sister Burgon (a sister in our district). So only Andrew Cowen wrote besides my parents... so Wilson, Mika, Angel?!?! Step your game up! Just kidding Just kidding. 

Our district is pretty solid, we all get along for the most part. We've had our frustrations with each other but in a week when we leave here, I know we'll all miss each other. My companion is named Elder Wengreen, he's a big jokester from Cache Valley. He's an interesting young man. He's coming with us along with 5 other elders to Knoxville. In our district we have sisters going to Indiana, Indianapolis, elders going to Canada, Calgary and us 6, going to Knoxville, Tennessee. 

So you want to know what we do here at the Missionary Training Center? Here's a typical day. 6:30am wake up, 7:05-7:45am breakfast, gym from 8-9am. 9:30-12:45 class. 12:50-1:30 Lunch, 1:45-5:15 class. (I'm not kidding here). 5:15-6pm Dinner. 7-8pm personal study, 8-9pm companion study, and 9-9:30 district study. 9:30-10:30 prepare for bed, 10:30 lights out. But we probably get to bed at 11 or 11:30. 

It's the hard knock life for us. 

Surprisingly, adjusting to life without my phone, Facebook, or Instagram has been easy. I think this is  because people never really texted or followed my accounts anyway... it's cool though, I'm over it. 

Today we had the opportunity to go through the Provo Temple, which was a nice experience.

This morning we had a worldwide missionary training conference from Salt Lake in which we got to hear from Dallin H. Oaks, Clayton L. Whitney, and David A. Bednar. They taught us about how we can be more effective missionaries by working with ward members and focusing on teaching lessons tailored to peoples needs, and not by the order of the lessons in Preach My Gospel. It was a great time.

Last night we had the weekly Tuesday Night devotional from Elder Fabalala, of the Seventy. (I think I spelled his name wrong). He talked about how we should try to convert the King of a household because if you get the Kind, the kingdom will follow. He shared the story of Ammon and King Lamoni's conversion as a testimony of this. Ammon converted King Lamoni, who in turn helped to convert Sister Lamoni, and in time, the Lamanites. So I guess it works!

Next week, we leave the MTC at 3am, and we will fly to Atlanta Georgia. Then, we will fly to Knoxville, Tennessee. I can't wait to tell you all what happens next week, and hopefully I won't forget my notepad so I don't have to write these posts off the top of my head! 

Love you guys,

Elder Kuhnen

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