Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 5 In The Field

Hey errbody! 

 First, I just have to give a big thank you to teacher Jeanne and gang for the great care package. I've been snacking well, so thank you guys! 

Also, Josh, I got your letter and it was super helpful. Thank you!!! 

Elder Beard and a ward member. 
This week has been pretty good. We had the opportunity to do service on Tuesday for a ward member who has a hard time taking care of his house. It rained a lot Monday night, and when he woke up, his garage was flooded. We went over to SAMs Club and bought 200 lbs of kitty litter and then spread all over the garage and used it to soak up the water. Then we shoveled it out. It was like moving a garage full of cat poop. It was a lot of work and felt good to see the job done!

On Wednesday we attended a new missionary meeting at the mission office. When we got there, we found out it was for new missionaries that were in their 2nd transfer. Oops. We stayed and it was a really good meeting. 

We learned that we should focus on "teach when you find, find when you teach". So when we go finding, if we get new investigators, we should always be asking them for referrals. This will keep the work steadily coming in. Also something I learned personally is that temping Satan is a HORRIBLE idea. President Griffen talked to us about the Adversary, and how he is always working on the missionaries. I've noticed this being out here a month. I've been calling out Satan and talking trash about him a lot. I've also have been interested in evil. I've been studying Satan and all of his evil doings. It's fascinated me, but I'm going to stop giving the devil attention. It's not very good to do that a lot because when you give Satan attention, you are taking away from your ability to study uplifting and holy things. Always try to stand in Holy places, trust me, they didn't make it a youth theme a few years ago for no reason. 
Thursday we went and tracted. I hate knocking doors, but it's where the best stories come from. We knocked on this one guys door, he came up and was not friendly at all. I gave the door approach, and then the guy said sarcastically "go away I've already been saved" Elder Beard then asked," From what?" The guy was taken back and looked at us like we are stupid, but finally said ,"from hell you idiot". We showed him scriptures showing him that the only way to outer darkness or "hell" is to have a perfect witness and the deny the Holy Ghost. He actually took it and apologized to us. He accepted a Book of Mormon. We took his information and now he's a potential investigator. God is great. Never be afraid to open your mouth! 

Friday we went on exchanges. I went across town to the West Hills area of Knoxville. It was a great experience. We taught a sister who was less active. It was hard because she spoke Spanish and very little English. She also didn't have a loud voice because she was elderly. I felt like I needed a hearing pipe, you know? The ones that look like tobacco pipes that people shove in there ears. Yeah I need one of those. 

Saturday we did service for Roger Johnson . Again, service is really good way to serve your fellow man and God.

Sunday I taught the lesson on Jesus Christ and why we needed a savior. It was a very good lesson, it went much better than my elders quorum lesson at Utah State. I don't know what it is, but when you're a missionary, teaching gets a lot easier! 

Today we are in the mission office with president and the zone. We're going to the park to hang out. I hope you guys all have a good week this week!
Until next Monday,
Elder Kuhnen
The Great Tennessee Knoxville Mission

"Is God like...Bipolar?" -Aieda Reyes (investigator)

"Escargot? Yeah it's disgusting's like an eraser that's been dipped in garlic butter" -Brother Webster (member who had us over for dinner)

"I can sit here and complain, or I can sit here and get swole" -Roger Johnson (came to our apartment to use our bench press)

"We ate out of our food storage for 5 weeks, it wasn't hard at all, except for eggs and powered milk. Let's face it, powdered milk tastes like.....a$$.

"Yo mamma so stupid she thought that Tupac Shakur was a Jewish holiday!" -Elder Peterson (chick-fil-a conversation)

"Man there's a light on my truck that says door ajar. I'm like what is this? My door ain't no jar, it's a door..." -Roger Johnson (on the way to a lesson)

Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 4 In The Field

Hey everyone how you guys doing? Oh that's fantastic! How am I? Well let me tell you;

If I could describe this week in one word it would be: Scurry (scary).

Elder Kuhnen and Elder Beard visiting the hospital. 
First thing; I got a haircut. We went to Supercuts and the barber didn't understand "2 all around" and she ended up shaving a hard part. It's so punk rock. 

Tuesday was really scary. We were knocking a apartment complex that looked like it was right out of The Walking Dead. We were looking for a less active as well, and decided to knock the whole complex. Well, we started from the bottom and of course, worked our way to the top. But then like Kanye West, we went back down to the bottom...real quick, and when we got there, we found a fresh bloodsplatter all over the wall, ground, and door. We decided to skip that door. Nobody else in the complex was very friendly either. Then we went out to the boonies of Knox county and we're trying to contact inactive members. We got so far out the homes were legit log cabins. They don't really care to use house numbers either, or pave roads. We knocked a few doors asking where the house we were looking for was and people just gave us a look like we had to leave right then. Specifically, we went to a house that had a sign that said, "If you're found here tonight, you'll be found here tomorrow as well". I'm telling you guys, Tuesday for me was scarier than watching the Conjuring on Halloween night. 

Wednesday we had zone training meeting. We spent 4 hours talking about the food we were going to eat afterward at Bojangles. I can't remember if I raved about Bojangles in my last email, so to get the point across, I'm doing it again. This place is amazing. It's essentially a quality version of KFC. The chicken doesn't make you nauseous. The gravy is actually...GRAVY!! The mashed potatoes aren't soup, they're mashed potatoes. The best part is, is that a plate of 2 pieces of chicken, and 2 fixin's (sides) and a large drink costs $5. Yeah it's great. The other best part is that there's a Bojangles 5 minutes from our apartment. 

Friday was a rewardingly terrible day. Roger Johnson came over to work out with us and he brought over some redneck pre-workout. I mixed it with creatine and found out that it was probably the worst decision of my life. I felt like I was made of steel and could lift anything, as Drake would say "I'm charged up". I was trying to lift a bicep curl bar that weighed 75 pounds and tweeted my back. We got the opportunity to go with Roger to serve some elderly women in Sevierville, Tennessee who needed help painting her house. It was an awesome day, as much as I felt like I was going to throw up the whole day and every vain was popping out of my arms and legs and my back was killing me. Service is a great opportunity to be more Christ-like and turn outward, but also remember to take care of your bodies! I know I will be from now on. Except for weight, I came out to the mission at 160, and I am now sitting at 170 and counting. Bishop McKeller said to me," Elder, you have 23 months to sexy, just enjoy the South for all its guilty pleasures a.k.a. the  food". We've been well fed by the people here, lots of steak, bbq, and fried chicken and salad. Even people who aren't members of the Church take us out. We have a guy who lives next to us that wanted to show us his favorite Mexican place here after he found out we were from California. 

Saturday was the best day for missionary work. We had two appointments that were just insane. The first was Ned. Grandma, your prayers were answered. Ned showed up randomly to building clean up and helped us for 3 hours clean the chapel. He is currently on food stamps, but brought us cereal, eggs, and muffins from the store. Then we had a lesson with him and we committed him to be baptized on March 12. He has a lot to do to get ready, but we are confident the Lord will prepare him for that day. 

The second lesson was with Joe Davis, he's the most Mormon non-Mormon you'll ever meet. He has a testimony of the gospel, he just is stubborn about modern prophets and the priesthood power. We tried showing him Thomas S. Momson's talk "Keeping The Commandments", but he missed the point on it. He wanted to see another one though, and we were so frustrated with Joe, we showed him "Why the Church" by D Todd Christofferson. Elder Christofferson is so blunt it's impossible to miss the point of the talk. Joe's reactions were priceless during the talk. He looked like a guy that was getting shot multiple times, only by spiritual bullets. At one point, he was grabbing his chest, hands over his mouth and he was just stabbed by the spirit. We left him with the commitment to pray if the church of Christ was restored in full just like the early church  2000 years ago. He agreed. He finally could become a progressing investigator and even a member now. Everything is up to him this upcoming week to learn for himself what's true or not. 

Sunday was fun. It was Ward Conference, Ned and a ton of less active ward members came. We were taught about the blessings that come when we keep the Sabbath Day holy. It was the main focus on all three hours and lots of good stuff was said. I've written it in my study journal. That night we were invited to the McKellers house for a Mardi Gras party. We ate the real deal southern food. Gumbo (made with craw dads), shrimp kbeish, pork loin, beans and King Cake. The whole baby inside the cake is very cool. Apostate holidays are awesome! 

We are in Farragut today for P-day. It's a thing that everyone in the area comes to the mission office and bugs the office couples and president for a while. We're probably going to grab lunch at Hardee's and then make our way over to jump jam trampoline park. I hope everyone has a good day and week!

Until next Monday,

Elder Kuhnen

The Great Tennessee Knoxville Mission

Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 3 In The Field

Hey errbody how y'all doin? I'm doin just dandy...AMEN!!!!!!! 

So this has been a long week. The weather here is absolutely scurry. We got snowed in on Monday-Thursday. Because we're on bikes, we get asked to stay in a lot because drivers out here are stupid, and we have no sidewalks to bike on really. The only time we left was when a member would pick us up for a lesson or dinner appointment. This week has been a party for the city of Knoxville.  Peyton Manning has taken over the streets. I seriously wonder if they partied more here or in Denver. Football is just another level here, you can't say you don't like football. That's enough reason for someone to refuse service at a restaurant or bar. 

Elder Kuhnen and Elder Beard celebrate Valentine's Day. 
I really enjoyed the packages and love this week from the fam! Thanks mom for sending the care package! I love D&C 111:11 Krissy! It's hangin above my desk! And Todd, your artist rendition of me is very interesting. Love it. Thanks guys! 

Angel, I got you're package and my companion was super jealous of all the snacks! I've already gone through a bag of those Sriracha potato chips! He called them "unorthodox" haha! 

The interesting stuff to report on happened during the weekend. Last week we were approached by Ned, who has had a lot of bad stuff happen in his life. To give you guys an idea, he's been divorced twice. He came to church two Sunday's ago and had an awesome experience. We scheduled the first lesson with him for Tuesday. We had Roger Johnson drive us to the church, but he never came. He doesn't have a working phone, and he says his roommate is hostile to people so we never got an address. Elder Beard and I were convinced we would never see him again. Fast forward to Sunday, it's the middle of the last talk in Sacrament Meeting, and here comes Ned running through the chapel to sit with us on the front row. We were so happy to see him! 

After church he told us that he didn't think he would come back. He said to us that 4 am on Sunday morning he got a spiritual prompting that he needed to go to church today. He tried to just go back to sleep, but he couldn't and the thought of church and the missionaries wouldn't go away. His roommate is anti-Mormon, and told him he was a huge idiot for even considering biking 7 miles in the cold to church. But he knew that he needed to come to church, so he did. 

During Sunday school, he volunteered to pray, and answered more questions than anyone including members of the church. Then we took him to elders quorum and the conversation was on "How can the church overcome adversity". The conversation was pretty deep and anyone would have thought that it would be hard for an investigator to understand. Not Ned, he answered hard questions without even having to think, and even got some of the guys in the room to question  "whose this guy!?". We invited Ned to be baptized and he said he wants to, but isn't ready because he and the Word of Wisdom don't get along right now. We put him on date for March 12. 

Joe Davis, a ex-baptist minister, has been investigating the church for some time. We always invite him to church, and he gives off the appearance that he isn't really seriously investigating, but I was looking at his library, and he has every book the church put out in the past 10 years. He comes to church every week, and contributes in every class. He's the most Mormon but non Mormon guy you'll ever meet. He even tried to pay tithing, but when he found out you have to be a member, he just left it as a fast offering. He's been invited to be baptized 5 times, but he just won't do it, he says he wants to keep doing his research. 

The best experience that happened this weekend was from a guy named Mike. Mike has been tracked into a while ago, and Elder Beard didn't think he would progress but we decided to try and set up a return appointment anyway. When we got there, Mike was telling us about his life, how Jesus helped him overcome his drug addictions and kept him out of jail his whole life. We taught him the restoration and he took it all in. When we went to give him a Book of Mormon he said he'd love one and he acted like he had won the lottery. It was really cool. We have a lot to teach him and I'm confident he will be baptized. 

Elder Kuhnen's Waffle House breakfast... 
Other than that, we had a funny experience at Waffle House this week. We were walking inside the Waffle House wearing California shirts and these guys yell at us "Hey what do you think this place looks like? Utah?!?" We didn't have name tags on, and we couldn't figure out why they would make such a statement considering we're both displaying California on our shirts. I said, "Yeah, it does, it's cold, ugly and has Mormons." This guy got so mad. He just just kept yelling garbage and nonsense stuff and finally just walked out. We just shrugged our shoulders and everyone in the store was laughing.

One thing we've talked a lot about this week is service. A scripture we like to share is Mosiah 2: 17 "And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." Service is a really good way to show your faith in Christ. God tells us that when we act Christlike he blesses us. Service is one of the biggest principles that Jesus taught while he was on the earth. If we serve others, God will bless us. It also gives us an opportunity to share our beliefs as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 

I hope everyone has a good week this week!

Elder Kuhnen
The Great Tennessee Knoxville Mission

"Mom, she said bring me the family bible, so ize went in brought out the old family bible, but then I brought out one of them large prints of the Book of Mormon and said Here's the rest of the bible. And she said you just ain't going to give up are you. And I said, well I mean I know when I'm going to die, Ima be gettin a break in the spirit world." -Roger Johnson (middle of working out, conversation about missionary work) 

"I love God! You know it, on the bills it says 'In God We Trust.' That's why I always pay cash. You know you'll be blessed!" -Mike (investigator who we tracked into and let us in) 

"Man, the Book of Mormon...I cherish that more than any sum of money in the world"- Mike (investigator)

"You see this line (points to basketball sideline) just follow that line and you'll go straight to heaven AMEN!" -Big Will (funniest member of church you'll ever meet. He used to be a baptist and speaks with fire and brimstone)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 2 In the Field

I ATE FRIED CHICKEN!  Well, let me tell y'all, I'm never eating at KFC again! I'll explain later. 
Elder Kuhnen and Elder Beard relaxing in the Great Backyard. 

This week has been rough but challenging and finally paid off on Saturday. So here is the good, the bad, and the ugly this week. Let's begin with the ugly. 

The Ugly: If I had to describe this week in 4 words I would choose "The Week of FLAKES!" It felt like either everyone cancelled on us, or decided they wanted to get outright dropped. Dropping people is very depressing.  It is the same feeling you get when you have to go to the DMV in California. Yeah, you know you have to go and get abused and deal with the employees who hate their jobs, so you find every excuse not to go. We find every reason not to drop people from our teaching pool, but sometimes "it is unavoidable. It is their destiny" as Emperor Palpatine would say. Last Saturday we ran into a couple on the street who was interested in our message on eternal families. We called them on Friday to confirm our appointment for the next day, and the man abruptly hung up. 

The Bad: Last week we had 4 baptism commits, but this got bumped down to 3. One of our commitments just cannot seem to let go of smoking. The Mission President came out with us on a team up to visit them and made the executive decision that he was not ready for baptsim. Rats. 

The Good: That same Wednesday night team-up with President Griffen did not just bring bad news, it brought some good. Dominique is really close to being able to be baptized. She has a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Everyone who has been working with her has faith that she will be baptized in 2 weeks. The mission president wants to get involved with my companion and I when we go and visit with them from now on. He personally wants to help. This is crazy because he's always so busy. I’m looking forward to working with the president more.

On Saturday we ran into a crazy lady who would not shut up about how missionaries are horrible people because we did not give her cash to help feed the homeless. We told her we could have chipped in, but we didn't have cash and Tennessee doesn't know about Square or other mobile card readers yet. About 10 minutes into our "conversation", this guy named Ned biked up and interrupted her and pretty much said some things that got her moving along. We began talking to him; he immediately asked us if we would visit him. It turned out that he had been investigating the church, but a satanic women led his heart away from being baptized. He has since been divorced and is trying to find direction in life. He says he always sees us around, and he knows its not by coincidence. He told us that he knew God wanted him to talk to us, because if he did not, it would just be a matter of time before we found him! He also is pretty sure he wants to get baptized. He came to church today, bore his testimony during sacrament meeting, and then stayed for all 3 hours. "Open and shut case Johnson!" as Dave Chappell would say. If there was ever a guy ready to join the church it would be Ned. We have an appointment with him on Tuesday, and I'm confident we will extend him the formal invitation to be baptized. The only problem is he loves coffee, it blew his mind that we don't drink it or tea. 

Another cool thing that happened this week was that we got fed. We eat good down here in the South. We had dinner taken care of every night; on Monday, we ate baked chicken. On Tuesday, we ate pork chops. Wednesday, we ate chicken nachos. Thursday we had beef stew. Friday was when the locals began turning it up a notch with the calorie intake. On Friday, we had a team up with a guy named Pete who immigrated to the US from Thailand. After contacting less active members, he took us to a Japanese all-you-can-eat buffet. Oh man, I had 4 plates of beef sashimi, rice, some kind of chicken, tofu, edamami, cream puffs etc. Then after we were done eating, Pete made us go to the sushi bar and we had to order a minimum of 4 rolls each. So in total, we had 6 plates each, totaling 24 full-sized dinner plates on our table when we hobbled out of the buffet. It hurt to walk, but it was so worth it.
Angel, you would have been proud.  But that wasn't the end of the caloric carnage for the day. Later that night, we had an appointment with Cason, a member, who always takes us out to eat. He was going to take us to get pizza, so I thought I could slip by with just eating a piece and keeping it light. Yeah, so much for that.  He called an audible and took us to all-you-can-eat buffet. It was bad, I was not hungry at all, but I mean he paid for us to get in, and I didn't want to be rude, so I ate 3 plates of hush puppies and mashed potatoes. I couldn't fall asleep that night. I haven't been in so much physical pain since I did the 1 pound Fuddruckers burger with Isi Sema back in the day. 

So Friday was rough, and then Saturday came...and as soon as we got up, we were under siege by food again. Literally the only time we get a break from the continuous onslaught of food is at night. A member of the ward works at Waffle House, which is a block away from our house, called us and told us to get to waffle house immediately. It was funny because he sounds like Arnold Swartsenegger when he does his "Get to za Chappa!" line. So we booked it and he made us each a waffle, 3 eggs, bacon, and a full plate of hash browns with gravy on top. We walked our bikes home because we have to go up this giant hill and there was no way we were biking after that meal. 

Now for the crazy part. I ATE HOMEMADE FRIED CHICKEN!!!!!!!! So we had an appointment at 5pm with our investigator, Joe Davis. Joe is an ex southern Baptist minister. He has been taking the lessons and has progressed. He loves having us over to talk about the church. So we went over with a prepared lesson about the priesthood. When he let us into his house, he had a full fancy meal all prepared. Cantaloupe for the appetizer (yes, Mom I ate it, it's pretty good stuff), broccoli, rice and of course, homemade fried chicken. I have never ate a better piece of chicken before in my life, and probably won't find anything better!  We spent so much time raving to Joe about his food, we only were able to share a little spiritual thought. We're going to have to save the lesson for next time. We then had a dinner appointment an hour later, and a member took us to a pizza place and my comp and I split a 9" pizza. Let's just say we were well prepared for fast Sunday. 
Elder Kuhnen and Elder Beard out to dinner with a family. 

Fast Sunday was crazy. My companion loves to bear his testimony, while I like to take the approach of waiting for those long awkward periods when nobody goes up. Well those don't exist here. People fight to give their testimony and we had just about the whole ward get up. People also don't get up and give travel logs, they actually talk about Jesus and what they believe. We have this one elderly guy who goes by "Big Will", he stood up and simply said. almost yelling," I love church, and I love Jesus! AMEN!" 

Something we've talked a lot about with investigators this week is Faith and Prayer. Many people claim to have faith but do not exercise it. For most of our investigators, smoking is a huge problem and most of them want to quit. We ask them all if they believe that Jesus Christ can help them overcome their addictions, they all say yes. But when we lay out our 15 step plan to quit smoking, which includes crushing your cigarettes right then and there, a lot of them fail.

In one instance, a women said she guessed she didn't have any faith after all. We shared Phillipians 4:13,  "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." The women prayed about this scripture, and as soon as she said "Amen", she crushed the cigarettes without hesitating.

I have a testimony that Jesus Christ can strengthen us to do all things. We're not always going to know where God is taking us, but if we pray for guidance, the next step will be illuminated. 

I hope everyone has a good week this week! 

Elder Kuhnen

Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 1 In The Field

How yuns douin!?!? Golly bum, I just had the best darn week I'ze ever could have!

If you think that was poor grammar, y'all need to come check out South Knoxville, true definition of Redneck. I thought Yuba City, CA was bad, but Yuba City ain't nothing's n compared to South Knox.

My first area is West Knoxville.  We live off a road called KingstonPIKE. Literally Pike is spelled all caps on the street signs. It's a dream come true because I'm serving in a college town. University of Tennessee is right up the highway. It's also pretty cool because we live about 10 miles from Greek Row at UT. I'm trying to convince my companion we should go proselyte the frats...what's the worst that could happen? 

My companion is Elder Beard, and it's interesting because he can't grow facial hair. We are the only two missionaries from California. (He's from Redlands). We both played water polo and swam. All though he was a bigger polo player, I still love him.
Elder Beard knocking on doors.
We have become the notorious companionship from the West Coast. It's cool though, whenever other missionaries try to hate on us, we just show them our planners. We committed 4 people to baptism in my first lesson, and found 3 new investigators and 3 potential investigators. We have the best numbers out of anyone in our district and zone! No companionship has more baptisms planned in the whole mission.

My companion and I are on bikes, so we can stop and talk to people on the street. There are only about 10 bike areas and we are the only one in our district. The rest of the mission has cars, which would be nice, except you can't talk to people while you're driving. That's against the law, but on's perfectly legal!

In my first lesson this past Thursday, held at Samantha’s house, a recent convert, we got to teach her family about the Laws and Commandments. Samantha has a 19 year old daughter named Dominique, who wanted to get baptized, but had a smoking problem. We found out she had gone the 1 week required to pass the baptism interview and she was at church yesterday with Samantha and Majinque.

Samantha's sister, Mortisha (who absolutely mortifies me with her glaring expressions as we teach, and no, does not work at a mortuary) finally decided she needed to be baptized. Buster, a family friend whose been living with them really wants to be baptized, but we can't clear him for the interview because he needs to go till at least Thursday without smoking in order to qualify for baptism. (Smoking is still cool here if you couldn't tell).  The last commit was a miracle and shows how God works and prepares people to hear His word. Dominique invited her friend Sameisha, over that night not remembering we had an appointment. When we got to the house, Sameisha never moved from her seat. She sat the whole 45 minute lesson very quietly listening.

At the end of the lesson as we were wrapping up, she interrupted us by saying," So about this whole baptism thang...I ain't never been apart of no church, but after what y'alls been talking about with the prophet and modern revelation, I know I need to join y'alls church. Their is just something about what y'alls is saying that got me feeling like yous is different from all those other nonsense preachers over across the street."  

Boy do the people talk differently down here, but the spirit touches us all the same way. The spirit told her she needed to be baptized by priesthood authority and she hasn't even taken any lessons on the gospel or plan of salvation. Talk about promptings by the spirit!

Well, we are the buckle of the Bible Belt and I knew the day would come when the battleground would open for me. Bible Bashing.  So we were helping a member clean up from a fundraiser at a local baptist church their school was using as an event venue. We tried to be as non threatening as possible (just as Dave Chappell would say), but alas, word got out that the Mormons had stormed the beach.

One of the paid workers for the church suckered me into agreeing to come to a breakfast and bible study on Wednesday morning. I acted interested but really I was in it for the free meal. Elder Beard wasn't so exited though, he knew something was fishy. I tried to get him to agree, but he refused and we got into an argument. He wouldn’t tell me why he wouldn't agree, I was getting upset...but as we were preparing our weapons of war against each other, the women was calling in reinforcements… AKA the pastor.

When the pastor arrived, we recognized the situation and quickly pulled out our Bibles. If you want a visual, just go watch the final scene of Star Wars: A Phantom Menace, where Qui Gon Jin and Obi Wan Kenobi pull out their light sabers quick when they run into Darth Maul.  Same idea, just a little less violent. We went back and forth between James chapter 2 and Ephesians 2 and other bible verses. We were mainly arguing over whether or not faith is enough to be saved without works.

The end of the bash was the best part. The lady who called the pastor was now standing beside her pastor. I guess the Sith always travel in two, but anyway, the pastor gave us his tracking pamphlet that said believing in Jesus Christ was all that's required to be saved. I told him," Well then why do you proclaim you are the true church, and all other churches are false?" He said, “because we baptize and they don't." Elder Beard said, “well the pamphlet you just gave us didn't mention baptism anywhere...." The pastor was SILENT! That was the lightsaber that cut Darth Maul in half. The lady who was with the pastor was silent. We said good day and walked out, but as we were walking down the street, the lady came to us and gave us her information. We still need to set up an appointment, but I think we just got a new investigator from Bible Bashing. I'll let y'all know how it goes next week!

Well that's about all the interesting stuff that's happened this week. I hope everyone is doing well back home or wherever you may be! 

-Elder Scott Kuhnen

Quotes from this week
 "If dis be a bill collector...I rebuke you in the name of Jesus"- Precious Dodd (A less active member's voicemail)
"This too shall a kidney stone" -Brother Webster (Talking to the bishop about being tired in ward council)
"You know what after you endure to the end of all this world crap, You is going to see God and he's going to be like 'Well Child ya did fine, heyahs a smoothie'". - Roger Johnson (Recent convert who calls us whenever he's bored)