Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 3 In The Field

Hey errbody how y'all doin? I'm doin just dandy...AMEN!!!!!!! 

So this has been a long week. The weather here is absolutely scurry. We got snowed in on Monday-Thursday. Because we're on bikes, we get asked to stay in a lot because drivers out here are stupid, and we have no sidewalks to bike on really. The only time we left was when a member would pick us up for a lesson or dinner appointment. This week has been a party for the city of Knoxville.  Peyton Manning has taken over the streets. I seriously wonder if they partied more here or in Denver. Football is just another level here, you can't say you don't like football. That's enough reason for someone to refuse service at a restaurant or bar. 

Elder Kuhnen and Elder Beard celebrate Valentine's Day. 
I really enjoyed the packages and love this week from the fam! Thanks mom for sending the care package! I love D&C 111:11 Krissy! It's hangin above my desk! And Todd, your artist rendition of me is very interesting. Love it. Thanks guys! 

Angel, I got you're package and my companion was super jealous of all the snacks! I've already gone through a bag of those Sriracha potato chips! He called them "unorthodox" haha! 

The interesting stuff to report on happened during the weekend. Last week we were approached by Ned, who has had a lot of bad stuff happen in his life. To give you guys an idea, he's been divorced twice. He came to church two Sunday's ago and had an awesome experience. We scheduled the first lesson with him for Tuesday. We had Roger Johnson drive us to the church, but he never came. He doesn't have a working phone, and he says his roommate is hostile to people so we never got an address. Elder Beard and I were convinced we would never see him again. Fast forward to Sunday, it's the middle of the last talk in Sacrament Meeting, and here comes Ned running through the chapel to sit with us on the front row. We were so happy to see him! 

After church he told us that he didn't think he would come back. He said to us that 4 am on Sunday morning he got a spiritual prompting that he needed to go to church today. He tried to just go back to sleep, but he couldn't and the thought of church and the missionaries wouldn't go away. His roommate is anti-Mormon, and told him he was a huge idiot for even considering biking 7 miles in the cold to church. But he knew that he needed to come to church, so he did. 

During Sunday school, he volunteered to pray, and answered more questions than anyone including members of the church. Then we took him to elders quorum and the conversation was on "How can the church overcome adversity". The conversation was pretty deep and anyone would have thought that it would be hard for an investigator to understand. Not Ned, he answered hard questions without even having to think, and even got some of the guys in the room to question  "whose this guy!?". We invited Ned to be baptized and he said he wants to, but isn't ready because he and the Word of Wisdom don't get along right now. We put him on date for March 12. 

Joe Davis, a ex-baptist minister, has been investigating the church for some time. We always invite him to church, and he gives off the appearance that he isn't really seriously investigating, but I was looking at his library, and he has every book the church put out in the past 10 years. He comes to church every week, and contributes in every class. He's the most Mormon but non Mormon guy you'll ever meet. He even tried to pay tithing, but when he found out you have to be a member, he just left it as a fast offering. He's been invited to be baptized 5 times, but he just won't do it, he says he wants to keep doing his research. 

The best experience that happened this weekend was from a guy named Mike. Mike has been tracked into a while ago, and Elder Beard didn't think he would progress but we decided to try and set up a return appointment anyway. When we got there, Mike was telling us about his life, how Jesus helped him overcome his drug addictions and kept him out of jail his whole life. We taught him the restoration and he took it all in. When we went to give him a Book of Mormon he said he'd love one and he acted like he had won the lottery. It was really cool. We have a lot to teach him and I'm confident he will be baptized. 

Elder Kuhnen's Waffle House breakfast... 
Other than that, we had a funny experience at Waffle House this week. We were walking inside the Waffle House wearing California shirts and these guys yell at us "Hey what do you think this place looks like? Utah?!?" We didn't have name tags on, and we couldn't figure out why they would make such a statement considering we're both displaying California on our shirts. I said, "Yeah, it does, it's cold, ugly and has Mormons." This guy got so mad. He just just kept yelling garbage and nonsense stuff and finally just walked out. We just shrugged our shoulders and everyone in the store was laughing.

One thing we've talked a lot about this week is service. A scripture we like to share is Mosiah 2: 17 "And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." Service is a really good way to show your faith in Christ. God tells us that when we act Christlike he blesses us. Service is one of the biggest principles that Jesus taught while he was on the earth. If we serve others, God will bless us. It also gives us an opportunity to share our beliefs as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 

I hope everyone has a good week this week!

Elder Kuhnen
The Great Tennessee Knoxville Mission

"Mom, she said bring me the family bible, so ize went in brought out the old family bible, but then I brought out one of them large prints of the Book of Mormon and said Here's the rest of the bible. And she said you just ain't going to give up are you. And I said, well I mean I know when I'm going to die, Ima be gettin a break in the spirit world." -Roger Johnson (middle of working out, conversation about missionary work) 

"I love God! You know it, on the bills it says 'In God We Trust.' That's why I always pay cash. You know you'll be blessed!" -Mike (investigator who we tracked into and let us in) 

"Man, the Book of Mormon...I cherish that more than any sum of money in the world"- Mike (investigator)

"You see this line (points to basketball sideline) just follow that line and you'll go straight to heaven AMEN!" -Big Will (funniest member of church you'll ever meet. He used to be a baptist and speaks with fire and brimstone)

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