Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 4 In The Field

Hey everyone how you guys doing? Oh that's fantastic! How am I? Well let me tell you;

If I could describe this week in one word it would be: Scurry (scary).

Elder Kuhnen and Elder Beard visiting the hospital. 
First thing; I got a haircut. We went to Supercuts and the barber didn't understand "2 all around" and she ended up shaving a hard part. It's so punk rock. 

Tuesday was really scary. We were knocking a apartment complex that looked like it was right out of The Walking Dead. We were looking for a less active as well, and decided to knock the whole complex. Well, we started from the bottom and of course, worked our way to the top. But then like Kanye West, we went back down to the bottom...real quick, and when we got there, we found a fresh bloodsplatter all over the wall, ground, and door. We decided to skip that door. Nobody else in the complex was very friendly either. Then we went out to the boonies of Knox county and we're trying to contact inactive members. We got so far out the homes were legit log cabins. They don't really care to use house numbers either, or pave roads. We knocked a few doors asking where the house we were looking for was and people just gave us a look like we had to leave right then. Specifically, we went to a house that had a sign that said, "If you're found here tonight, you'll be found here tomorrow as well". I'm telling you guys, Tuesday for me was scarier than watching the Conjuring on Halloween night. 

Wednesday we had zone training meeting. We spent 4 hours talking about the food we were going to eat afterward at Bojangles. I can't remember if I raved about Bojangles in my last email, so to get the point across, I'm doing it again. This place is amazing. It's essentially a quality version of KFC. The chicken doesn't make you nauseous. The gravy is actually...GRAVY!! The mashed potatoes aren't soup, they're mashed potatoes. The best part is, is that a plate of 2 pieces of chicken, and 2 fixin's (sides) and a large drink costs $5. Yeah it's great. The other best part is that there's a Bojangles 5 minutes from our apartment. 

Friday was a rewardingly terrible day. Roger Johnson came over to work out with us and he brought over some redneck pre-workout. I mixed it with creatine and found out that it was probably the worst decision of my life. I felt like I was made of steel and could lift anything, as Drake would say "I'm charged up". I was trying to lift a bicep curl bar that weighed 75 pounds and tweeted my back. We got the opportunity to go with Roger to serve some elderly women in Sevierville, Tennessee who needed help painting her house. It was an awesome day, as much as I felt like I was going to throw up the whole day and every vain was popping out of my arms and legs and my back was killing me. Service is a great opportunity to be more Christ-like and turn outward, but also remember to take care of your bodies! I know I will be from now on. Except for weight, I came out to the mission at 160, and I am now sitting at 170 and counting. Bishop McKeller said to me," Elder, you have 23 months to sexy, just enjoy the South for all its guilty pleasures a.k.a. the  food". We've been well fed by the people here, lots of steak, bbq, and fried chicken and salad. Even people who aren't members of the Church take us out. We have a guy who lives next to us that wanted to show us his favorite Mexican place here after he found out we were from California. 

Saturday was the best day for missionary work. We had two appointments that were just insane. The first was Ned. Grandma, your prayers were answered. Ned showed up randomly to building clean up and helped us for 3 hours clean the chapel. He is currently on food stamps, but brought us cereal, eggs, and muffins from the store. Then we had a lesson with him and we committed him to be baptized on March 12. He has a lot to do to get ready, but we are confident the Lord will prepare him for that day. 

The second lesson was with Joe Davis, he's the most Mormon non-Mormon you'll ever meet. He has a testimony of the gospel, he just is stubborn about modern prophets and the priesthood power. We tried showing him Thomas S. Momson's talk "Keeping The Commandments", but he missed the point on it. He wanted to see another one though, and we were so frustrated with Joe, we showed him "Why the Church" by D Todd Christofferson. Elder Christofferson is so blunt it's impossible to miss the point of the talk. Joe's reactions were priceless during the talk. He looked like a guy that was getting shot multiple times, only by spiritual bullets. At one point, he was grabbing his chest, hands over his mouth and he was just stabbed by the spirit. We left him with the commitment to pray if the church of Christ was restored in full just like the early church  2000 years ago. He agreed. He finally could become a progressing investigator and even a member now. Everything is up to him this upcoming week to learn for himself what's true or not. 

Sunday was fun. It was Ward Conference, Ned and a ton of less active ward members came. We were taught about the blessings that come when we keep the Sabbath Day holy. It was the main focus on all three hours and lots of good stuff was said. I've written it in my study journal. That night we were invited to the McKellers house for a Mardi Gras party. We ate the real deal southern food. Gumbo (made with craw dads), shrimp kbeish, pork loin, beans and King Cake. The whole baby inside the cake is very cool. Apostate holidays are awesome! 

We are in Farragut today for P-day. It's a thing that everyone in the area comes to the mission office and bugs the office couples and president for a while. We're probably going to grab lunch at Hardee's and then make our way over to jump jam trampoline park. I hope everyone has a good day and week!

Until next Monday,

Elder Kuhnen

The Great Tennessee Knoxville Mission

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