Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 5 In The Field

Hey errbody! 

 First, I just have to give a big thank you to teacher Jeanne and gang for the great care package. I've been snacking well, so thank you guys! 

Also, Josh, I got your letter and it was super helpful. Thank you!!! 

Elder Beard and a ward member. 
This week has been pretty good. We had the opportunity to do service on Tuesday for a ward member who has a hard time taking care of his house. It rained a lot Monday night, and when he woke up, his garage was flooded. We went over to SAMs Club and bought 200 lbs of kitty litter and then spread all over the garage and used it to soak up the water. Then we shoveled it out. It was like moving a garage full of cat poop. It was a lot of work and felt good to see the job done!

On Wednesday we attended a new missionary meeting at the mission office. When we got there, we found out it was for new missionaries that were in their 2nd transfer. Oops. We stayed and it was a really good meeting. 

We learned that we should focus on "teach when you find, find when you teach". So when we go finding, if we get new investigators, we should always be asking them for referrals. This will keep the work steadily coming in. Also something I learned personally is that temping Satan is a HORRIBLE idea. President Griffen talked to us about the Adversary, and how he is always working on the missionaries. I've noticed this being out here a month. I've been calling out Satan and talking trash about him a lot. I've also have been interested in evil. I've been studying Satan and all of his evil doings. It's fascinated me, but I'm going to stop giving the devil attention. It's not very good to do that a lot because when you give Satan attention, you are taking away from your ability to study uplifting and holy things. Always try to stand in Holy places, trust me, they didn't make it a youth theme a few years ago for no reason. 
Thursday we went and tracted. I hate knocking doors, but it's where the best stories come from. We knocked on this one guys door, he came up and was not friendly at all. I gave the door approach, and then the guy said sarcastically "go away I've already been saved" Elder Beard then asked," From what?" The guy was taken back and looked at us like we are stupid, but finally said ,"from hell you idiot". We showed him scriptures showing him that the only way to outer darkness or "hell" is to have a perfect witness and the deny the Holy Ghost. He actually took it and apologized to us. He accepted a Book of Mormon. We took his information and now he's a potential investigator. God is great. Never be afraid to open your mouth! 

Friday we went on exchanges. I went across town to the West Hills area of Knoxville. It was a great experience. We taught a sister who was less active. It was hard because she spoke Spanish and very little English. She also didn't have a loud voice because she was elderly. I felt like I needed a hearing pipe, you know? The ones that look like tobacco pipes that people shove in there ears. Yeah I need one of those. 

Saturday we did service for Roger Johnson . Again, service is really good way to serve your fellow man and God.

Sunday I taught the lesson on Jesus Christ and why we needed a savior. It was a very good lesson, it went much better than my elders quorum lesson at Utah State. I don't know what it is, but when you're a missionary, teaching gets a lot easier! 

Today we are in the mission office with president and the zone. We're going to the park to hang out. I hope you guys all have a good week this week!
Until next Monday,
Elder Kuhnen
The Great Tennessee Knoxville Mission

"Is God like...Bipolar?" -Aieda Reyes (investigator)

"Escargot? Yeah it's disgusting's like an eraser that's been dipped in garlic butter" -Brother Webster (member who had us over for dinner)

"I can sit here and complain, or I can sit here and get swole" -Roger Johnson (came to our apartment to use our bench press)

"We ate out of our food storage for 5 weeks, it wasn't hard at all, except for eggs and powered milk. Let's face it, powdered milk tastes like.....a$$.

"Yo mamma so stupid she thought that Tupac Shakur was a Jewish holiday!" -Elder Peterson (chick-fil-a conversation)

"Man there's a light on my truck that says door ajar. I'm like what is this? My door ain't no jar, it's a door..." -Roger Johnson (on the way to a lesson)

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