Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 7 In the Field

Hey errbody!  What's the dill, pickles? Get it crackin' peanuts! They say the weirdest things out here in the South. We went to a Burger King with a member and the lady said to me,"What can I get for you today, baby?" All I thought was: woah, we aren't even dating. People are so casual with terms of endearment that I wouldn't really know how to show affection for anyone out here. Well that's the random southern rant for the week!

Elder Beard, Ned, and Elder Kuhnen after church
This week has had its moments, but has also been absolutely heartbreaking. This week was transfers. So I'm not the youngest person on the block anymore. A long lost friend of mine, Elder DJ Leavitt entered the mission this week. He's down in Athens, Georgia and I hope to serve around him later in the mission. But we lost a few elders and sisters who were super cool. Our district consists of 3 sets of elders and 1 set of sisters. We just got a new sister, fresh off the plane, in our district and they're in the same ward as us. It was really funny in sacrament today, they asked her to get up and introduce herself. She got up, all red faced, and said,"Hello.....I'm sister (name exempt)....I'm from Far West Utah, if you don't know where that is, it's in between Ogden and Salt Lake. Thank you". The ward busted out laughing and she looked like a tomato. Oh man, that was mean, but you have to be careful out here otherwise you will be ridiculed. This ward is so sarcastic and everybody makes fun of everybody. 

In other news, we lost a few investigators. We had been teaching this 80 year old named Don. He is super cool, and really enjoyed our LDS service. But he wasn't progressing and then he found out he has bed bugs in his apartment! It'll be 3 months before we can see him again, as he has been put into quarantine. We have also been teaching a man named Joe. Very nice ex-baptist minister. He cooked us fried chicken about a month ago. I raved about it in my second post I think. We had a lesson with Joe two weeks ago and we didn't know it at first, but Joe had been mixing bourbon and Coke while we showed him a video. We were trying to teach him about living prophets, but he was drunk by the end of the lesson and got well, let's say... stupid. We've given him a few weeks to cool off, but if we can't meet with him this week, we're going to drop him. And finally, Adiea. The mother of a recent convert, she's been investigating the church for a few years and complained that the missionaries abandoned her. We couldn't believe it at first, but after meeting with her for a month we realized why. She's a talker, not a doer. She only wants to talk politics, why rich members of the church suck, and the flaws about Mormon culture... For 2 hours every Thursday! She won't let us teach lessons, and she doesn't like it when we come dressed up. She wants people to listen to her far fetched ideas and beliefs. We would do that if it had anyway of helping people come unto Christ, but it doesn't so we're looking toward dropping her. 

On the brighter side; Ned, our lil homie who is just so awesome, had his first real lesson on Friday. This guy told us we have to keep up with him learning because he's got a copy of Gospel Principles and has read almost the whole thing! He still is struggling with a few things, but we're hoping that he'll be able to be baptized this month. We also have been teaching a women named Dominique, she's a single mother at 19, and is the daughter of a recent convert. We've got her on date for March 19, but she needs to come to church. She likes to spend a lot of time out with her friends on Saturday night, which means she like to sleep in on Sunday

Dinner with the Senior Couple, the Sines.
In other news we were out contacting referrals and knocking a few doors with a high priest. (No excuses Menlo Park ward). For the first 10 doors, we had zero success. But on the 11th, a guy named Chris opened his door and gave us a big smile and let us in. We talked with him for a while and how he was familiar with the missionaries. He called us "his new friends". Chris is 38, single, but has custody over his teenage niece and little nephew. He talked to us about becoming a father by choice when his sister was shot and killed by her ex boyfriend (who the kids belong to). He loves God, but has been looking for a church to join. We'll be teaching him a lot this next week. 

We ate a lot of good food this week. We ate bacon wrapped chicken, tai chicken, BBQ'ed chicken, fried chicken, brisket and smoked sausage, and last but not least RIBS. Yes mom, we had vegetables and even salad a few times! This week I tried fried okra and it was pretty good. 

Well that's about all that was poppin last week. Today is P-day and President Griffin's birthday so the whole Knoxville Zone is coming into Farragut today for a party. I'm going to check out this barbershop called Roosters run by this dude Marcus. He gives missionaries fresh cuts at a freshly discounted price. Stayed tuned for pics of the new dew. 

Funny quotes from this week:
"Man this is worse than my honeymoon night..." - Sebastian Strub (As we were helping him move into his house) 
"What's the dill, pickle?- Lowes Employee (to bro. Harris)

Hope you all have a good week!
Elder Kuhnen
The Great Tennessee Knoxville Mission

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