Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Week 6 In the Field

You guys will not believe what we did this week!!!
...No we didn't baptize a whole baptist church... no we didn't learn how to play banjos.....We CARRIED A PIANO!!!!!! I'll explain later.
This week was fun I'll give a little summary of each day.

Monday: P-day. We went to Farragut (where the mission office is) and hung out with our mission president and the APs. We threw a frisbee around and hung out while waiting for other companionships from the Knox zone to show up. Then we made our way to this awesome trampoline park where we played dodgeball against some group of high school kids playing hookie. Of course being set apart servants of the Lord, the high school kids where no match to the spirit. We took up our weapons of war and slayed many of them. But alas, they left and so did we. We returned to The chapel and played basketball and fooseball.  (I think that's something we need in the Menlo Park ward, fooseball. We got plenty of room behind the stage. Let's make it happen!)

Tuesday: We did service for a member of the ward who recently bought a house that was designed by teenagers. This house sits at a bottom of a hill, and has a driveway aqueduct that feeds water right into the garage. Whenever it rains the garage and basement flood. We bought 200 lbs of kitty litter and used it to soak up the water. We then had to scoop it outta there and it felt like moving 400 lbs of horse poop. We also went tracting later but nobody seemed to be that interested.

Wednesday: We had district meeting and we learned that rejection is okay. When someone chooses not to accept the gospel, it's still planing a seed that future missionaries or ward members can harvest. This is why opening your mouth to people is very important. They will remember you as member of the church who was different from everyone else. Future contact with missionaries or members could be the contact that leads them to taking the lessons! That was the case with our newest investigator Donovan. We met Donovan while buying kitty litter at Walmart. He was working the checkout stand and saw our name tags. He remembered doing door to door sales for AT&T and knocking on the mission presidents door. They talked for a long time, but Donovan wasn't interested in the church. Fast forward a year and now he is. He remembered everything about president Griffin. It doesn't get much better than that. Open your mouth and do not despair!
Dinner at the Gull's house. 
Later that night we received a referral from Salt Lake to a kid in the dorms at the University of Tennessee. He requested a bible, but c'mon you don't ask for a bible and get just a bible! We took him a bible, the Book of Mormon, 2 LDS pamphlets, and a pass along card with the church address. He was very surprised at first that it was all free, but he accepted it all warmly. His name was Rob, a sophomore at UT, and member of the Sigma Nu fraternity. It was really cool experience because the member who was driving us was also a Sigma Nu from his college. They bonded and that connection got Rob to feel like we were long lost best friends. Nevertheless, we will be seeing him again sometime soon after his midterms are over. 

Thursday: we visited Aida Reyes, a longtime investigator of the church. She has been through 4 or 5 different sets of missionaries. We've been the first, according to her, she hasn't thrown out on the second visit. Hey that's a start! Last week she told us when her mother died, she saw the picture of Moroni burying the plates on her mothers dresser. Only very important things were on that dresser. She had lost the card to her sister in the will settlement. Her sister wouldn't give her the card, so we got her a 3 1/2 foot blown up version of that picture. She hasn't been progressing up until now. She won't let us prepare a lesson, or even come dressed up. She wants friends so that's what we've been to her.
Later that night we helped a family move in from Arizona. They're pretty funny people, and very sarcastic. If you can't be sarcastic you won't make it here. The problem was that they showed up with a semi, full of only heavy stuff. To name a few: 2 refrigerators, 1 freezer, a coffin sized tv stand, a water heater, and a piano. Everything else that could have been light was made out of oak or easy days. We had to get the piano down from the truck and we only had 6 guys. Two lifted it off and onto the shoulders of us 4 on the ground. When I found out just how much a piano weighed I yelled ,"WE'RE CARRYING A PIANO!" as loud as possible. I've also decided that unless I can pay people to move stuff for me, I'll never own a piano. Asking someone to help them move a piano is not a great way to make friends. 

Friday: We had weekly planning and all of our appointments fell through. Elder Beard got a little sick so it was a slow day. 

Saturday: We were supposed to visit with Joe Davis, one of our not progressing investigators. A member came with us and really wanted to help Joe gain a testimony of living prophets. We shared D. Todd. Christofferson's talk "Why the Church". I suggest to anyone who wants to know what our church is all about watch it. Also to anyone who feels unsure about the church, watch it. It strengthened my testimony and it really lays out the importance of following the example of Jesus Christ exactly the way He layed it out over 2000 years ago. Everyone should watch it. Joe really soaked it all in and is now progressing after praying and receiving a witness that what was said was true. I know if anyone has any questions, praying with real intent works. Real intent means being able and willing to act on an answer you receive. 

Trying Garlic flavored ice cream...
Sunday: Church was awesome, as usual. Lots of people bore their testimonies and we had a few investigators come and just soaked it up. Specifically, Ned, one of our progressing investigators, has struggled this week. He called us four times on Saturday and several other times throughout the week. These calls last between 30 minutes and 1 hour and they ain't pretty stuff you want kids to listen to. But when Ned came to church, all of his problems, his language, everything changed. He recognizes this and wants more and more of the church. He wishes that church was everyday so he can relax all the time. Recently we shared with him "A Hope of Gods Light" Mormon message. It's about a man who made wrong choices but was able to overcome all his addictions and change his life for the better. Ned really connected well with that and has a strong desire to change his ways. Currently he is on date to be Baptized on March 19th
We went to the Gulls for dinner, and we ate the best food. Bacon wrapped chicken with cheese in the middle. Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Carmeled carrots and stuffing. Oh man, we ate so good. Dessert got interesting. We made homemade ice cream. We talked about crazy Ice cream flavors and I talked about having Garlic Ice Cream in Gilroy, CA. So Brother Gull decided to make Garlic Ice Cream. It actually was better than the stuff down in G-town. But it still burned the throat though. We also made Strawberry Pineapple ice cream. While it tasted better, it wasn't as cool. 

Things are going good down here in the South! Miracles are happening and the work is going farther! We had a mission wide fast yesterday for more missionary opportunities in the coming transfer. They say January trough March is the hardest time for missionary work here in Knoxville because of inclement weather. We still have had lots of success, so hopefully the future is going to be crazy. 

Have a good weekly everyone!

Elder Kuhnen
The Great Tennessee Knoxville Mission

"I was talking to a chiropractor and he said he could fix my hips. I was like man I don't care if you gotta use a sledge hammer, a fat women, whatever it takes. If he can fix my hips, praise Jesus!" -Roger Johnson (before working out)

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