Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 11 In the Field

Hey everybody hows it goin?

First I'd like to apologize to everyone who noticed some changes on my Facebook account. That wasn't me, it's my new PR guy, Ronnie, who is taking care of me while I'm AFK (away from keyboard). Periodically I'll be sending him pictures to upload and make changes as I ask for them. Again, I apologize, I forgot to tell him to make a status letting everyone know that my account would be active again. I've sent him an email asking to write a post letting everyone know what's going on, but for future reference, if you see something posted mission related, it's from him not me. 

On the topic of my association with Chubbies Shorts inc, I suspended my job as a representative for the time while I am serving my mission. I do not encourage or give preference to or in any way share my biased opinion of Chubbies Shorts with people while proselyting for the LDS church. However, I still like the shorts, and will wear them when I return home. As for the shorts not being in harmony with the standards of endowed members of the Church, I have a solution to that: buy the XL's and tailor the waist, or wear a belt. I hope no one will  try to change my opinion of Chubbies. Now, onto the content ya'll actually wanted to read.

The Rockwood Elders.
This was my first full week in Rockwood. One word to describe it is crazy. I found out quickly you never know what's going to happen here. It's a small town with a sleepy feel to it, but it's very much alive and active. Elder Patterson and I have a sloppy area book with lots of listed potential investigators and old investigators that don't give a good description as to why they were not followed up with, or dropped. We've been visiting these people and seeding through the ones who are really not interested. While many of them aren't interested at this time, we have found some very promising investigators and had a really funny referral experience. 

In a ward member's basement!
We contacted a family who had been listed as unable to contact because they didn't answer the phone....word? Elder Patterson and I agreed that it would be one thins to be on a bike, and bike 20 miles only to find out they weren't home, or not interested, but we have a car. Car areas mean no excuses, so we drove out there and this place was scary. This family lives in a wood house that looks like a Hell's Angels clubhouse or something like that. Confederate flag stuff everywhere, motorcycle parts in the front yard, horses in the backyard etc. We knocked the door and this teenager comes to the door and recognized us, he was very surprised, but got his Mom, and we talked on the front porch for a while. We taught a barebones version of the Restoration. It went pretty well, we have a return appointment, which will be the time where we get to meet the father and other kids. The mom and son seemed pretty exited to be recontacted though.

We also noticed we had a referral from last year that was contacted, but never followed up with, so we drove out 20 miles of Rockwood to the outskirt backwoods of Spring City. We found a vacant house, and a trailer that looked like a possible site for a meth lab. The trailer's address wasn't numbered correctly, so we tried the house and eventually discovered it was vacant. At the time it was around 5:30 and we had a meal appointment at 6. I was pretty hungry and getting frustrated with my companion as we had been out all day skipping lunch, and seeing people without success. Elder Patterson suggested we knock the trailer, but I insisted we go to our meal appointment. He insisted we knock, and after a small argument, I agreed to knock. Well, it turns out the trailer was the guy we were looking for, and he was receptive to a Book of Mormon, and believes many things we do. We had a long discussion, and he came to church on Sunday. We have a appointment with him this Saturday, and we hope to commit him to baptism then. Lesson learned: always listen to the promptings of the spirit, and also trust your companion who is also entitled to revelation. It was a humbling experience, as well as a spiritual one. 

For P-day today, we are playing Halo limited edition monopoly, shopping, and making pens out of old Jack Daniels Whiskey barrels with a member. This morning I taught seminary on Ezekiel 1-3. We learned that prophets are specifically called and prepared to lead the people of the Earth through challenges faced in their days. Thomas S. Monson knows of the struggles that man faces today. This past conference he talked about choices, and making good choices. If we follow his counsel, and make good choices, we can ensure our own personal salvation. Tue story. 

I hope everyone has a good week. Until next Monday!
Elder Kuhnen
The Great Tennessee Knoxville Mission
The photo Elder Kuhnen believes will be hanging on his wall showing his grandchildren "the good 'ol days"

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