Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 12 In The Field

Hey, everyone how's it going? This week has been amazing! We were packed full of service and teaching appointments and honestly, between those two things, life doesn't get much better!

Our P-day today was very exciting. We played Monopoly, Munchkin, and Scatter-gram for about 4 hours. Believe me, when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with a few other funny dudes, any board game becomes loads of fun. We also got a surprise visit from the Jehovah's Witnesses, which was very entertaining. They had a 50 year old man, dressed like a frat star come and preach to us, but when we showed him our LDS missionary nametags, he said "Oh I'm sorry you guys, I hate to tell you this, but you are unable to be saved in the Kingdom of God. Have a good day and prepare for judgement day." I said back to this guy, "Thanks for the heads up, and by the way, if 144,000 thousand are getting saved, and there are over 3 million Jehovah's Witnesses, the odds are not in your favor. Have a good one!" He was already in his car, but had the windows down, so I know he heard me. Looking back on it, i shouldn't have bashed the guy, especially because he had a 13 year old boy behind him, but Elder Parker and I were just having way to much fun. Oh man, I already need the sacrament next Sunday!
The Loudon District

Our most progressing investigator, Jacob, ran into some hiccups.  We taught him in his home a few times and also had him over for a few dinners at a members home. Jacob was doing great until Friday, when another missionary came in while I was on an exchange and referenced the Pearl of Great Price scriptures. Uh oh. They explained that they were translated by Joseph Smith, but then Jacob did some research and ran into some anti-LDS material on the subject of Joseph Smith...and took it to be true. It was on polygamy and also that Joseph Smith couldn't have translated the book of Moses or Abraham because no other theology professors could. We had to make an emergency appointment to show him that people that hate our church tend to write false accounts, and some pretty funny fables on us. Do you go to a Chevy dealer for information on a Ford? No....only if you want reasons why Fords suck. It's the same idea people, 

On the flip side, Scott (hey, check it out), is doing awesome. He got a really good witness the church is true as well as the Book of Mormon. His only problem is the Law of Chastity.  He wants to get married first before he is baptized, but if he does that, he loses some check from the government. He is able to still receive it, he just has to file for it, and we all know how long big government takes to help the people on a individual level. He's been waiting close to a year now, so hopefully the government will feel inspired to actually do something and get him taken care of so we can move forward. We can't even set a baptismal date for him, which is causing him to be pretty down, because it's something he really wants. 

On Saturday we received a referral from a baptist woman who requested a free bible. We took one over and shared a message in John 10:16. There are other sheep not of the fold in the Holy Land that Jesus was going to visit, but who were those people? Oh, the people of the Americas who had sailed across and left Jerusalem, who followed the Law of Moses, more commonly known as the Nephities and Lamanites, the people whose records are found in the Book of Mormon. At that, this woman's face just blew up and she began to cry. She told us that it finally made sense, and that the spirit had told her the things which we said were true. We gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and she's been texting us all weekend about her favorite parts and what sticks out to her. She also is finding scriptures that are identical and support the Bible. We told her that that is the point of the Book of Mormon, to support the Bible, not replace it. We will be seeing her again on Thursday, and hopefully she's going to be getting baptized soon. She already told us she's coming to church on Sunday so that's awesome too!

We had lots of other good spiritual experiences this week.   We found a woman who lived in Sacramento for 38 years, and the missionaries used to come over every other day for 5 years to do her house work while she took care of her fully paralyzed husband. She moved back to Spring City and never got in contact with the church out here. She isn't a member because she feels guilty of her addiction to cigarettes. She is the most LDS, but non-LDS person I've ever met, aside from the smoking, but in Tennessee, lots of members struggle with smoking. 

Well it's really late, and my companion wants to go sleep, so I'll have to talk to ya'll next week! Hope everyone is doing good, and untill next Monday!

Elder Kuhnen
The Great Tennessee Knoxville Mission

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