Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 13 In The Field

Week 13 has arrived and it is a transfer week.  I'm not leaving Rockwood and neither is Elder Patterson.  The exciting thing this week is we got a new car! We originally had a white 2013 Ford Fusion (Grant Malquist would love this car), but we just got a brand new 2016 Nissan Altima. It's a pretty nice car, but the sound system is absolutely terrible. Classical music doesn't even sound good, so I can't imagine Future or Drake would sound like. Anyway, it still has new car smell and I haven't smelled that since I last got to drive Grant's new Lincoln MKZ.  Well, enough about cars.

The only pitbull I'll ever hold...
This week was a good week for the Lord in Rockwood. The Rockwood Ward has 16 active Elders and 8 High Priests, and the number is slowly going down as a few people have recently moved or are scheduled to move this summer. This week we were blessed to be able to find some members who are perspective Elders and willing to come to church. The first is William.  William is 18 and is going to college locally. He hadn't been to church in Rockwood before, and had not been in over a year. We got his address from the church in Iowa and were able to contact the fa
mily. The family as a whole wouldn't come to church, but William would. William felt the difference (the spirit) this past Sunday. He loved church so much, he came out with us to help us teach 3 lessons afterwards. He taught about the Savior's earthly ministry, part of the lesson of the Restoration. William has decided to come back to church completely, he is committed to go to college through December 2017, but then wants to go on a mission. All this change in just a week. Truly the Lord's hand was present in his life, and can be for all who accept it.  I know that the Atonement can cover all.  It's an infinite atonement and can work for William, myself, and everyone else who will accept it.

The other guy we found is Mike. Mike and Janet are from Sacramento, close...yet so far. Ha. :)   Anyway, they lived in California for 28 years and joined the church in 2000. Mike was never advanced in the Priesthood past the office of a Priest. After they retired , they built a home in the middle of no-where, Tennessee which happens to be our area.  They have been living here for 3 years without knowing the church existed in Rockwood. They RV all over the country, for long periods of time, and had just never really been around to move their recordst. We ran into them by chance at Walgreens. They noticed the LDS missionary tag, and they were surprised to find out the church out here in the 'Sticks of Tennessee.

Mike and Janet, are the only members in their family, and they had forgotten much of the doctrine of the church. We've been doing what I called LDS crash course 101. It's been all the lessons really in depth, but compiled into super lessons, with extended Bible study along with each principle. It's been working out so far, and our goal is to see them enter into the temple.

People keep presenting me with these when they hear I'm from California.
Something cool that we talked about in Church this week: weakness. Isn't this the best topic? I absolutely love talking about it. Ether 12:27. But this time the conversation was centered on leadership, and God's mouthpiece, the Prophet. We spend a lot of time talking about our weaknesses, as regular people, members of the church, families, work etc, but what about those that are called of God......big time callings like the Prophet and Apostles. They had weaknesses too. In fact; if you really look at it, nobody in the Bible could pass a modern day background check. I mean come on! Look at Paul, LOOK AT HIM! We all know Paul's story, because we know his name hasn't always been Paul! When Paul was Soul, he persecuted Christians, he would march into their homes and arrest, kill, attack people for believing in Christ. Then he has his little encounter, and all of a sudden...almost the rest of the New Testament from that point is him preaching repentance. Paul clearly states that among sinners, I am chief among you. Moses told God he couldn't do his job because he had a speech impediment. Nephi tells us that he hates writing, but does it anyway because God strengthens him. Joseph Smith clearly made mistakes. You can read all about them in Doctrine and Covenants. Joseph Smith could have chosen to remove those accounts and sections out of D&C to make him look more professional and perfect, but he left them in. Why? To show us that he wasn't perfect, and he knew it. He sought the Atonement, and needed it just as much as any other person on Earth. 

So all this to say that ALL men (and women) have weakness. Read Ether 12:27 again if you don't believe me. Just because someone is called to serve a mission, or someone is called to be [insert calling, office, job etc] doesn't mean they are perfect. God calls us because He wants us to learn, and have experiences.   With the Atonement: all sin can be forgiven, all weaknesses can be made strengths, and any day can be the day a person chooses to come closer to Christ. 

Well, that was my spiritual rant for the week. 

It has been a great week complete with some tracting,  some fantastic meals, and even had a lesson in Spanish with a drunk guy that almost resulted in a bar fight. But I've decided that those stories are best kept in my Journal for now... 

Hope yalls have a good week!
Elder Kuhnen
The Great Tennessee Knoxville Mission

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  1. Although weakness can be difficult to confront, I find that we can improve our weaknesses by remaining vulnerable and honest with ourselves. God only seemed to use people in the Bible who had actual flaws and weren't perfect, which made it easier to reveal His glory. I think it's just as important to make allowances for one another's faults and weaknesses with the understanding that God can use it.

    Jim O'Neal @ Jim O'Neal Ford