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Week 14 In the Field

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Alright that's enough Dora the Explorer...although I came up  with several Nickelodeon twists to this post, I'll save ya'll the grief. 

So this week was a very good week for us in Rockwood/ Spring City/ Oakdale. We packed our schedule with appointments, and a few service opportunities...and we had a BAPTISM on SUNDAY. I'll talk more about it after these temporal observations.

If there was one thing I learned this week it was that you don't talk trash about the South (cough* cough* Shaan Chilikuri) The people here want you to know a few things: 1. You got a problem with their battle flag or way of life? Come say it to their face. 2. Come try and take their guns and you'd better come with a group of people because you and as many as they have bullets for are going to get a casket. 
That brings me to my next observation: Guns. In Tennessee; the local high school has a gunsmith class, where kids can bring in guns from home and learn about how to fix them. Out West, we see gang violence; and guns being misused by immature people. Guns are viewed as tools only idiots or evil people have. Why would anybody need them? Well in the South, gun ownership is a method of teaching kids to mature. Everyone we meet over 16 has a gun with them. Parents have taught them from an early age about the reality that scares everyone out West: Guns allow people to kill easily. But they don't just give guns to anyone...the kids have to earn them. They learn to respect the weapon, take care of them, learn the "rules" of using them etc. Nobody points the gun at anyone unless they are willing to shoot right then. When everybody knows that everybody is armed, it makes it a big incentive to not try and start anything or commit crime. 

Apparently Obama laid out some new gun regulation proposals; and everyone down here just is chuckling because nobody is "buying" guns anymore...they're buying the parts separately and then assembling the weapon themselves. Can't register parts, so if you build it yourself, the government doesn't know you have it. It's becoming more popular than buying guns from stores like Walmart or Gun Shops that require registration. 

Last gun remark for the week. Every home we go into I ask how many guns the people have. I've been in 3 homes in Knoxville that didn't have firearms...to one home in Spring City that has 55 guns. (I counted them myself). I'm keeping track in a tab and the average household has 5 guns. One family I've met is in the process of mounting a 30 cal machine gun on their roof. So if the government does end up trying to squeeze the right to bear arms, the people will give the government the right to bear the arms of the dead back to the funeral homes. 

So don't try it guys. Many times when I tell someone I'm from California...I get these messages. 

Ok, SO WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK? Well...Here's a look from 11am -8pm from this past week. 

This isn't entirely accurate. Blue is scheduled lessons, green is finding, yellow is service, purple is studies, red is meetings. But we try to stay busy. 

We found some new investigators, and lost a few. I'll expound on a few of these blocks that turned out real well.

We recently found the Sealis family, they are a large family that somehow grew up not religious. Unlike California; where religion isn't important anymore, it still plays a major role in the South. It's called the Bible Belt for a reason. Anyway, we taught them the restoration and it wasn't going so good at the beginning, but then we started talking about the Great Apostasy and the need for a restoration. BOOM, spiritual bomb was leveled on this family's head and everything made sense. I can't remember what we said, or anything I just know that they had a very big Ah-Ha! moment. We were pretty much commanded to come back after that lesson. They came to church this Sunday; wish we could have them at the baptism, but all things in due time. I'll continue to update yall's on their progress. 
The Baptism on Sunday.

Jacob is having a rut.  He doesn't want to put in effort to quit smoking, but he tells us every time we see him that he's going to do it the next day. He comes to church and everything, just needs to muster the strength to get er done. 

Scott (hey) is doing great. He is learning about the restoration and finds the restoration of the priesthood to be of great interest. He can't get enough of the Great Apostasy. Scott is working towards being baptized, it's just a matter of understanding and feeling right about it. He believes in everything we teach him, he just wants to understand more before he gets involved, which is totally OK. 

The Baldwins are a family that have us over for bible study. They like how we can explain things, and won't ask for money. It's been hard to teach them only because they are strong in their church, but we taught the Plan of Salvation 2 weeks ago, and they showed up at our church early yesterday. It was pretty cool to have them come and feel the spirit. They enjoyed it and said they would be back again. 

What Tennessee will do to you...
Finally, we had a baptism this week. The ward actually had 2 on Sunday. We had our baptism with Cheyanne; and the other Elders had Barbara. We had most of the Ward there to witness it. It was a great experience, and it's my first baptism that I actually taught all the lessons. She was super exited and invited her school class and teacher, who got to hear the message of the Restoration. We could possibly be meeting with the teacher this next week, so hold onto your hats! Baptisms are a great opportunity to learn about the church. (Especially when it's a convert) It's a time where people can gather and witness for themselves the change in a person.  They can see what baptism is really all about and how important it is to God's plan and especially why it should be done with priesthood power.

Well I hope you all have a great week this week. Sorry about the gun rants, I was really bored in Seminary this morning. Stay tuned for next week..it's coming real soon!

Scott Kuhnen
The Great Tennessee Knoxville Mission

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