Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week 15 In The Field

Hey everyone,
 It's Monday again! This week went by really fast. Hope everyone had a good Mother's day, I know I did. We did a lot of fun things. Talking to the family was very nice. We took some J Golden Kimball talks on our iPad and played them over the pulpit at church. Did some foolin around on the Piano, and ate Pizza! Today we are at our apartment using our monthly free pass on Xfinity wifi so we don't have to drive 10 miles to wifi. Then we are going Downtown to hit up the pawn shop and antique store, then a members house for lunch. Then probably play monopoly for the rest of the day. 
This week we taught 22 lessons, with 11 of those with members present. It was a very good week. Here's a little update on some of our teachees:
We had our weekly visit with Jacob; and we've come to a halt in his progression. Jacob has two problems: 1. Smoking. he keeps telling us he wants to quit smoking, but he never really tries. We showed him the 15 step guide that LDS missionaries have, but he says he's already tried everything. 2. Law of Chastity. Jacob lives with a woman and they are not married. He told us the reason they live together is because she needs him to take care of her. She cannot live by herself, and he doesn't make enough to live on his own either. So they do it together, but he refuses to marry her. So we will continue to visit Ronnie, but we have come to a few road blocks. He knows the church is true, and that Thomas Monson is the prophet, but will not exert faith and change his environment. Jacob is a fun guy though, he gave me 2 of my 3 confederate flags. He also told me he wants to buy me a cop taser. Like the type you shoot at people. He bought my companion a guitar, Uke, and Confederate flag. The guy before me got a Keyboard, Banjo, Amp, Knife, and Confederate Flag. So who knows what I'll be walking out of Rockwood with. 
Scott, a dude whose been investigating the church for what seems like an eternity, came to church this week. First time in 5 years. He always has the missionaries over, feeds us, but would never come to church. Well; he finally came, and said that he would be back next week because he felt something when he walked in. That's called the spirit everybody. Take notes. Scott is having us over tomorrow so that lesson will be exiting!
William is a 18 year old dude, who hadn't been to church in a year. We were looking for his mom (whose records were sent to us by their old ward); but we ended up finding William instead. He said he wanted to come back to church, so we took him and after church he expressed to us that he wanted to serve a mission. Woah. I didn't even want to serve that bad. First day back in church after a year,  at a new ward trying to relearn doctrine...asking to go on a mission is the last thing I expected. Another testimony that only the Holy Ghost is what really "converts" you. Not people. We  teach doctrine, the Holy Ghost teaches and  confirms truth. That's how everyone who believes the LDS church to be the fullness of the Gospel came to know. Anyone can as well, it's just a matter of will YOU try? Will YOU do the scripture study, prayer, and other work and effort to find out for yourself. Joseph Smith didn't just claim to see God one day randomly. He studied and was religiously confused for many years. It all happened with a sincere prayer. God knows the desire of our hearts, we can't fool him. If we go through the motions, God won't give us answers. Haggai chapter 1:5 "Consider your ways". 

Sorry this has been shorter, We don't have much time to email today. I need to get back into the habit of pre-writing these posts so they'll be more descriptive. Part of the problem is that now that I'm in a car, we do a lot more teaching; instead of tracting and getting funny stories. So I promise to do better next week.
Hope you guys have a good week!

Scott Kuhnen
The Great Tennessee Knoxville Mission

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