Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 16 In the Field

Hey everyone it's makeshift P-Day!   Yesterday we had a Zone meeting in Knoxville so P-day was moved to today.

Me and a pure bred French Bull Dog...
It was another good week this past week, but I have to tell you guys what we did this morning was so cool. We went fishing and I caught 7 fish.  The fishing was nice, but the breakfast we ate afterwards was legendary. We went to a members farm and they cooked pancakes with farm fresh colossal eggs and freshly slaughtered sausage. Guys,  you don't understand the flavor of true sausage. I'm just letting y'all know that your missing out! . When you get extra large eggs that are fresh, the flavor cannot be compared with anything you get in the store. Maybe the celestial kingdom has better eggs, but these are awesome!  

So this week was filled with appointments, appointments, and more appointments. We taught 20 lessons this week, which for our mission is good. We've gone from 10 a week to 20, so hey, we got something going on here!

On Tuesday, we taught a family who we've reconnected with now, and the Mom is doing great! She has been reading the Book of Mormon and trying her darndest to find time get to church. She works on Sunday, which is a problem, but we still go over twice a week.  We have a couple ward members fighting us to let them come to the lessons.  Shark tank much? We also said goodbye to the Lance family as they travel cross country back to California for a couple months. But we are FaceTiming with them and teaching them while they go have a little fun in the sun.
Wednesday we were at the Spanish Apartments so Elder Patterson could teach a dude he's been working with from Guatemala. This sketchy looking dude came up to us while we were knocking on dude 1's door. He was all like "So you guys Mormons?"...uh yeah...."So do you have like a Bible I can have?" Heck yeah we got one! We gave him a copy in English ( because we were a little surprised he spoke English), but then he busted out in Spanish to his friend so we also got him a Spanish one...and Book of Mormon. This dude had read the Book by Friday and loved it. We're going back to those apartments tomorrow and I'll be teaching this guy...Michael in English, while Patterson teaches dude 1 in Spanish. Awesome day for us in Spring City!
Gone Fishin' 

Thursday we got to go help set up a booth at the Tennessee Medevil fair. Got to meet some guys that make
 custom weapons and armor. Weapons I understood, but you could get custom black knight armor suits for $3,000!  I'd rather get one of those suits for church instead of Versace!

Jacob has gone AWOL on us.  We have tried stopping by and calling and no response. He was the one negative thing that happened to us this week! Other than him, everyone else is doing great. We have 7 progressing, 3 new, and 2 potentials at the end of last week. Our teaching pool is bigger than that, but those are our most recent additions and closest to baptism. It's good for us here in Rockwood!

Well, that about sums up the week. Thanks Menlo Park Elder's Quorum for the shutout! 
Hope you all have a good week!
Scott Kuhnen 
The Great Tennessee Knoxville Mission 
Me and a ferret. They look like really big tempura styled shrimp.

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