Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 21 In the Field

Hey everyone it's Monday again!

Let me give ya"ll an update on what we did this week. Finding. That's what we did. Finding. We really needed more people to teach and this week we found some solid new investigators. We are currently in Farragut getting out car fixed... so we are playing basketball, eating buffalo wild wings and having a good time in civilization. 
On Tuesday we met with one of our investigators, Scott. (he's pretty cool for obvious reasons.) Afterward, I tricked him into going and tracting his apartment complex. At first, he was pretty scared, and  it took a couple doors for him to feel comfortable coming with us up to the actual door. We found 2 new investigators with him. One of them, Richard, is a disabled man who lives by himself. At first Richard rejected us, but I asked Scott how his experience meeting with us has been for him, and after Scott's five star review, Richard agreed to hear the Restoration. He loved it. He loved it so much, that when we went back to teach him again, he was upset because he didn't have a Book of Mormon to answer the questions on the pamphlet we gave him. Elder Furrows and I are going back this Sunday, so hopefully Richard continues to want to learn more. 
On Wednesday, we had the chance to attend a Pentecostal church...which was freaking cool. If you don't know what a Pentecostal church is, well go find one and check it out. They are know as "Holy Rollers" because they get rowdy in church. The singing was incredible, now by no means was it reverent...they had drums, guitars, electric keyboards, etc. But the spirit was still felt there, in a different way. People in this church feel like the Spirit "touches" them, and when they feel like they've been "touched, oh boy, TAKE COVER! Shoes are flyin, people are hoping up and down, speaking gibberish tongues, and all manner of entertaining gestures. The pastor looked like Jay Leno and was hilarious. I think he preached more comedy than gospel. The best part about that evening was that we had two members of their congregation invite us over to share our beliefs with him. Im exited to see them in a couple days. 
On Friday and Saturday we helped a dude out by sorting a small warehouse full of household junk. Well, in the process, I acquired an electric acoustic guitar free of charge. I took a guitar class at Menlo-Atherton, and its been fun messing around with it. We also went and talked to people at a giant indoor Flea Market. We found lots of people  who were interested in seeing us again. At first I was confused as to why everyone in Flea World looked at me like they had seen me before. Well finally someone asks me if I'm the mormon missionary that made it in the Roane County newspaper that day. I wasn't exactly sure what people were talking about, but finally someone showed me a picture of me cooking Poke Sallet at the Poke Sallet Festival last weekend. Well, tracting that weekend was also pretty weird too. We knocked on several doors that let us in, but instead of wanting to hear about our church, they wanted to know how to cook Poke Sallet. Real quick: Poke Sallet is a green plant that grows wildly down in the South. Pretty much take California weed and take out the cannabinoid and you got poke sallet. So for the time being, we are holding off tracting for today and tomorrow
Sunday was a really, really hard day for us, but we had the most incredible spiritual experience. We had a good church service, and a couple visits afterwards, but then the day got ruined. Now let me tell you all something..all churches have truth. I don't care what you think you know about some-other church, they all have some truth. Also God has commanded us to love thy enemies as well as not bring down others. I hope nobody that reads this will ever speak out against another church by name in church or not. It's wrong, and that's exactly what we listened to on Sunday night at a local baptist church. We were invited by some very good friends of ours, who wanted to show us their church, but the pastor wasn't a big fan of it. The sermon was supposed to be on Joshua 20, but ended up being a anti-Mormon lecture. Throughout the sermon, he made comments and statements about our church that were not true. He tried to quote scriptures that would disprove the Book of Mormon as being inspired scripture. If it wasn't for the fact that the church was 20 miles away from home, and we were picked up, we would have got up and left. At the end, we were invited to bear our testimonies, and so we got up and did just that. If you want to get a loud pastor, and a congregation of 20 to shut-up real quick, just bear your testimony. You can't argue with a testimony that has conviction from the spirit. As we awkwardly walked down from the podium to the back of the church to leave, I could see the faces of the people and I made eye contact with every single one. They all had been touched by the spirit. None of them could say anything to us. The pastor went back to the microphone, and he had been momentarily struck dumb. He was moving his lips, but words did not come out until the second we were outside the doors of the chapel. It was amazing...was hard to believe at first that God would do something like that for US. All throughout the meeting, I was praying and asking God if I could dust off my feet in that church(Matthew 10:14) , but God sent me the answer that it would be all good.

God can help us. He will always be there for us when we need Him. He won't send the Warriors a championship if we pray for it (unfortunately) but He will bless us in our own personal times of need. Miracles and blessings also come more abundantly when we are striving and actively choosing the right. 

Well, I hope y'all have a good week. Stay tuned for next Monday when we find out what the cure for humidity is! (Hopefully) 

Take care everyone!

Scott Kuhnen
The Great Tennessee Knoxville Mission

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